sage green wedding dream

Dec 3, 2021


she’s been planning this day her whole life,
poured her wedding dreams
into sage green cream silk cushions,
fairy lights, hay bales,
real dried flowers in woven baskets,
hot tea and scones,
fresh cream and strawberries,
little nigerian chinchins,
sparklers and dancing
under the perfect full moon

love is patient,
love is kind,
the priest reminds them -
a daily practice to forgive,
spoil each other
every single day -
rains prayers on their heads,
soaking them in visions
of future children, homes, adventures
if they just remember this.

she keeps looking long at him
during the first song she chose,
worshipping open-hearted,
one hand raised high
palm to the skies -
green eyes willing him to turn,
just turn his gaze to her,
trying with all her might
to catch the love
she hopes sits in his eyes.




Traveler, poet, educator, yogi, activist, artist, writer, British-Jamaican Londoner living in Ghana